Food happiness on Festival Mundial

on 07-07-2018 12:00 | Sara Visscher

When I look at here, i see here happy food face. Without any doubt I directly ask her if I can try. When I put something crispy in my mouth, at first I really don't know what I’m tasting. With here mouth full, my friend tries to say the words ‘paddo sandwich’. Yes, that’s what I’m tasting; mushrooms. Fried and crispy mushroom on a fresh white sandwich; so delicious. The owner of the foodtruck and sandwich store ‘Broodje per Centimeter’ sees our food happiness: ‘Do you like it?’. The very big smile and the quote ‘not enough mushrooms’ says enough.

While the sun goes down and we’re dancing and drinking beer, it’s time for more food. Although it’s always time for more food. ‘Love at first bite’ is the quote of Roll or Bowl. In my last article I wrote about this foodtruck which is choosing by 24Kitchen in 2017 as ‘Best Foodtruck’. My ‘asian style chicken roll’ with fresh guacamole cost me 12 euro but more tasteful, fresher and more filling I won’t get on this festival.

Because I wanna taste and share all the food, I did bring my friends. So I did taste the ostrich burger from Bunny Chow. I give it a good review but I’m not sure if I do know now how ostrich taste like, because it taste like a very good normal burger. After a couple of beers, it’s time for the last food round with the most important question; sweet or savory. Result: an empanada to share from the Empanada Fabriek and a icecream from Ice Rollas. The empanada taste like you expected from an empanada; crispy dough with chicken, corn and tomato. In the little ice cream stand they make you an ice cream with three people; the big men makes the ice rolls on the big cold plate and the two glittery ladies decorate it. Caramel sea salt ice cream; more food happiness!

Caramel sea salt ice cream

The Burning Van is like they promise; a party after 8 PM. Everybody is dancing around the foodtruck. A big, bald, tattoo guy is spraying a bottle of cleaning solution on the bbq while the fire is growing big. I see the belly dancer with a big headdress at the bar. After I make a little chat with here, she smiled and said: ‘Kiss me on my cheek’. She is laughing when she sees my doubt: ‘I dont have herpes on my cheek’. A kiss on here cheek and she walks away with a big smile and six beer in here hand. Long live Festival Mundial! Thank you for all the food, good music and ambiance. See you next year!

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