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on 21-03-2017 06:00 | Anouk Koreman

The opening weekend of the movie Beauty and the Beast is a fact - we have to wait a week still in the Netherlands - and that's why we got inspiration to list the most beautiful Disney recipes for you! Be our guest!

1. Ratatouille from Ratatouille

This dish completely made from vegetables (with some cheese) is super healthy and you can see yourself in one of the most tasty Disney movies. You can find the recipe for Ratatouille here. 


2. Cheese Soufflé from Beauty and the Beast

This classic dish will certainly make a chance to be on your richly decorated table some time. Put on your most wonderful dress and you're ready for diner! Emma Watson eat your heart out.. You can find the recipe for cheese soufflé here. 


3. Magical Cookies from Alice in Wonderland

These iconic cookies are very easy to make. Here you can find an extensive guide to making the most beautiful cookies. It takes some time, but it's worth it. Unfortunately, no magic powers involved, but they're very cute though. 


4. Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast

“Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious,” like Lumière used to say in the movie really is delicious, because it's made with Oreo's! Be our guest! You can find the recipe for ‘the grey stuff’ here. 


5. Gooseberry Pie from Snow White

This beautiful pie which was made for Grumpy is made by Snow White and some little birds, but you can also make it without birds in your own kitchen. Very unique because of the use of gooseberries, which are not very populair berries, even though they make a very good pie. You can find the recipe for Gooseberry Pie here. 


Bonus: for if you have a lot of baking talent and ages of time AND are an ultimate fan of Beauty and the Beast:

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