Halloween apple turnovers

on 30-10-2019 09:00 | Vivienne Pieters

Creepy and hugely tasty Halloween apple turnovers are the best to get through these days!

Halloween: Spooky Cookies

on 24-10-2019 08:00 | Vivienne Pieters

A delicious scary delicacy. That really suits Halloween. Our spooky cookies certainly fits in. Although they’re more ‘cute’ than ‘scary’, they taste great and are truely Halloween theme.

Cheesecake with salted caramel and pear

on 09-08-2019 08:00 | Linn van Velzen

A classic, New York cheesecake. Who doesn’t like that? CuliNice decided to give it a try to this delicious cake, but in our own way. A cheesecake made out of salted caramel and pear. A perfect combination of savoury and sweet.

Chocolate peanut butter cups

on 21-07-2019 08:00 | Michelle Nijman

Everybody knows them, Reese’s peanut butter cups. But unfortunately, they’re expensive and not always available in the Netherlands. That’s why we tried to recreate them and it’s way easier than you think. Try to recreate this guilty pleasure yourself.

The recipe for a perfect Swedish coffee bun

on 23-05-2019 10:30 | Linn van Velzen

Also craving Fika now? Follow our recipe for the perfect Swedish coffee bun! But be careful, they could be addicting.

Anti-diet day: Candy Boat

on 06-05-2019 08:00 | Tom den Ronden

Today is anti-diet day! I can hear you think, to attend an anti-diet day, you have to be on a diet right? Well, at least I do not think so. Definitely not to make something sweet like this. Perfect for a sweet tooth, the creative socializer, or busy parents that have to create a children’s treat. One thing is sure, when I think of something that contradicts a diet, I think of candy!

Kitkat-M&M taart

on 28-04-2019 08:00 | Julia Oor

Met deze taart zal je je vrienden en familie zeker versteld laten staan! Hij is niet alleen prachtig om naar te kijken, hij is ook nog eens enorm lekker. Met meerdere soorten chocola is de taart dan ook zeer populair onder chocolade liefhebbers. Wanneer ga jij hem bakken?

Chocolate mousse

on 03-04-2019 08:00 | Michelle Nijman

I think chocolate mousse is one of the best desserts ever. On this day we celebrate chocolate mousse day in the Netherlands. We made a recipe to make your own chocolate mousse.

Classic sugar waffle

on 25-03-2019 09:00 | Michelle Nijman

Today is National waffle day in The Netherlands and we thought it was about time to share this classic sugar waffle recipe with you.

Nutella spring roll

on 05-02-2019 09:00 | Yonas Schaerlackens

It's world Nutella day and that's why we made a new and delicious recipe with this chocolate spread. We love to create new recipes, and we prefer to make them as crazy as possible. These spring rolls are surprisingly good and not hard to make.