Pumpkin soup

on 18-12-2019 09:00 | Sem Bogers

There are all kinds of different soups nowadays. It is not necessary to always eat the soup that you are used to. Try something different. Have you ever used pumpkin soup? If not, then here is the recipe!

leek mosterd soup

on 20-10-2019 07:00 | Luna Voesenek

Leek soup ... I think everyone knows it, but also with mustard? Hell yes. The cold days are coming, so it’s perfect weather for a nice cup of soup! If you ask me what your favorite soup is, is this soup the first one I think of. Are you curious about how to make this delicious soup? Then read on!

Pittige kerriesoep

on 06-10-2019 07:30 | Michelle Nijman

Deze pittige kerriesoep staat binnen 20 minuten op tafel en je hebt niet veel ingrediënten nodig om deze heerlijke soep te maken. Ideaal toch?!

Melon gazpacho

on 28-08-2019 08:00 | Linn van Velzen

During these hot days, most people are not in for a warm meal and melon is now our best friend. So what do you get when you put those two things together? Melon gazpacho! A combination that you wouldn’t expect, but it is super tasty.

Fish soup

on 21-05-2019 08:00 | Linn van Velzen

For all the seafood lovers! A recipe for a homemade fish soup that my Swedish grandmother always makes. Prepare this soup for yourself or for your friends/family. Not only healthy but also super tasty.

Classic mustard soup

on 08-04-2019 08:00 | Michelle Nijman

With this recipe, you will make a delicious vegetarian mustard soup. The instructions are simple, and within twenty minutes the soup is ready!

Sweet potato and carrot soup

on 18-03-2019 09:00 | Amane van Elsacker

Do you fancy a cup of soup but are you tired of the same basic flavours, like tomato or chicken? Try this vegetarian sweet potato and carrot soup now! It's perfect for lunch or dinner.

Creamy zucchini soup with pesto

on 12-02-2019 09:00 | Iris Greve

This delicious and creamy zucchini soup is done within 30 minutes. It contains the basics of a classic recipe with some new ingredients which gives it a great taste.

French onion soup with cheese

on 18-12-2018 09:00 | Tom Hagemeijer

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year with your family. What fits better with Christmas then extensive dining. That's why we wrote a recipe for a delicious french onion soup what you can serve as a side dish.