Cocktail: The Daiquiri

4 days ago | Vivienne Pieters

The ultimate classic, Daiquiri. Back in the day, the Daiquiri was seen as the drink of ferocious seamen, while the rumcocktail is now regarded as a fancy and stylish drink. The Daiquiri was also one of the favorite cocktails of the writer Ernest Hemmingway and President John F. Kennedy. In addition, this rumcocktail is pretty easy to make. This is how you make it.

Cocktail: Dark 'N Stormy

1 week ago | Vivienne Pieters

The Dark ‘N Stormy is an all-time drink, but it has also a historical background. The distillation of rum was really refined in the 19th century. After 3 years of expiration, the Gosling brothers made their first rum drink: The Black Seal Rum. Until the First World War, the brothers added ginger to their drink. The Black Seal Rum mixed with the ginger beer was called the Dark ‘N Stormy.

Don’t let the ginger stand in your way. Even the people who envy ginger love this cocktail.

Cocktail: Tom Collins

2 weeks ago | Vivienne Pieters

The Tom Collins, the typical cocktail that would be on a bar menu. With the fresh yet zesty ingredients, this cocktail tastes like a bit of simplicity and a lot of refreshment. This cocktail is not difficult, but like all simple recipes, it’s more about how you make it.

Halloween: Mini pizzas

on 25-10-2019 08:00 | Vivienne Pieters

Looking for the perfect savoury Halloween snack? Look no further, you’ve found it! These spooky mini pizzas are perfect for a Halloween party.

Scallops with white wine sauce

on 22-10-2019 10:00 | Birgit Sloven

Scallops, or Coquilles Saint-Jacques, may seem like a fancy little dish that you would only eat in restaurants. That's a shame, because you can easily make this classic dish at home. A perfect starter to impress your guests, without too much trouble!


on 13-09-2019 08:00 | Laura Andrieu

The sun is shining so the only thing missing is a delicious cocktail. A popular and iconic drink, the 'cosmo', fruity cocktail. Become known by Sex and the City. Here below you'll find a quick and super simple recipe for this delicious cocktail.

Risotto with saffron and parmesan cheese

on 05-08-2019 08:00 | Linn van Velzen

Something that you could wake me up for, my dad's risotto with parmesan cheese and saffron. A dish that asks for a lot of patience. When it is done, you can only dream about this risotto.

Chocolate peanut butter cups

on 21-07-2019 08:00 | Michelle Nijman

Everybody knows them, Reese’s peanut butter cups. But unfortunately, they’re expensive and not always available in the Netherlands. That’s why we tried to recreate them and it’s way easier than you think. Try to recreate this guilty pleasure yourself.

Carrot cake; the basics

on 07-07-2019 08:00 | Michelle Nijman

This is a very easy recipe to make your own carrot cake. The title already shows, it’s a very basic recipe, and you can add a lot of extra ingredients if you’d like.

International Sushi Day

on 18-06-2019 08:00 | Laura Andrieu

Today is International Sushi Day! We celebrate Sushi Day anyway, the only question is how? Are you going to the tasty, yet standard sushi restaurant or are you inviting someone to celebrate Sushi Day with us, CuliNice. By making your own sushi!