What is for dinner: Carrotsoup with cilantro

on 10-10-2016 14:30 | Culi Nice

Carrots, their a pretty weird kind of vegetable, their bright orange but they grow underground. Also they can be sweet and savory and the famous bunny of them all, bugs bunny, eats them all the time. But don't feed them to your pet rabbit. You can make a amazing soup out of it! 

What is for dinner: Chicken with parsleygravy and bacon

on 04-10-2016 14:30 | Culi Nice

Its looks fancy, it tastes fancy, but a really easy recipe. A great Paleo responsible recipe. Even cavemen have to eat a little fancy every once in a while.

What is for dinner: Chicken with parsley gravy and bacon

on 11-02-2016 15:30 | Culi Nice

Its looks fancy, it tastes fancy, but a really easy recipe. A great Paleo responsible recipe. Even studens have to eat a little fancy every once in a while. 

Spinach, mushrooms burgers

on 09-11-2015 15:30 | Pim Elbers

So you got nothing going on, you’re bored, and right in front of you is a cow grazing in a field of spinach. There is only one thing to do….. Making some burgers!!! Remember your mom telling you, you had to finish your vegetables with these burgers that's not gonna be a proble.. nomnomnomnom

Beef tartar with mixed vegetables

on 06-11-2015 15:30 | Joey van Iersel

Everybody has been there: the dark days before the next pay day. You have started pillaging the cabinets and freezers for a scrap of food. Unfortunately the lint in your wallet isn’t a valid currency. On top of your financial worries you're really busy and your schedule is turning into a run-sheet for an event. Food is still in there, but it's only a small square though…

Tiger Ceviche

on 13-01-2015 09:00 | Write Club

The lack of good and affordable restaurants here in Holland, forced me to start taking matters in my own hands. I have tried several variations of the recipe, but my favorite so far is my mango and passion fruit Ceviche. I just love its fruity flavor. I have already convinced my family of this dish and I definitely wanted to share this great Tiger Ceviche  it with you guys.

Homenuked Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie

on 17-10-2013 20:00 | Joey van Iersel

The famousCuliNice Chocolate Chip Cookie has become an household brand. But what of your allergic to gluten or prefer to avoid eating sugar. Then you have the Paleo-variation, straight out of the micorwave. Done in a flash! Crush the banana in a mixingbowl and then add all the other ingredients. Stir until well combined. Divide ...


on 27-08-2013 20:00 | Joey van Iersel

Everybody enjoys chocolatemousse. But what if you make a chocolate mousse out of advocados and a hint of coffee? Sounds weird, we know, but we promise that you’ll be sold after tasting this great recipe. A recipe where you can totally blown the minds of all your guests. a pure explosion of flavors. 

Stuffed bellpeppers

on 01-07-2013 09:40 | Joey van Iersel

So… you got a date. But you dont have the money to buy dinner or to cook a expensive meal. What to do? Well with this recipe you can use your left over vegetables and you get something pretty fancy on the dinnertable. Very easy to make, but great to make a perfect impression. 

Fitness Salad

on 18-06-2013 20:02 | Joey van Iersel

The sun is carefully starting to shine, and you want to get back in to your bathing suit shape. So time for some exercise and healthy food. Thats why CuliNice came up with this Fitness salad. Great for after a work out.