Stuffed Paprika

on 30-10-2018 09:00 | Tom Hagemeijer

Today a recipe for a stuffed paprika with kebab. It's delicious and really easy to prepare.


Veggie chili con carne

on 28-09-2017 14:15 | Cedric Pelle

My first recipe on CuliNice, that has got to be something that really fits my personality. I like eating healthy but I love tasty food as well. That's why I really like this veggie chili con carne recipe, it is really easy to add healthy ingredients without ruining the fine taste.

Soft shell fish tacos

on 25-08-2017 10:00 | Anniek

The Mexican kitchen became an absolute favorite in a short time. These soft shell tacos with white fish are perfect to end a sunny day or just when you feel like eating a light meal. 

Yellow rice with chorizo

on 11-08-2017 10:00 | Anniek

The end of summer is almost there. We end this sunny period with a mediterranean dish, inspired by a fish-free paella. The result is a simple, but tasteful yellow rice dish with vegetables and chorizo. 

CuliName: BED Breda – Sangria

on 29-08-2013 21:51 | Bob Blom

The nightlife of Breda is now welcome to enjoy BED even in the latest of nights. Rotterdams favorite hotspot is branching out!  First stop the southern part of Breda where the first set of doors are already open and are have been welcoming guests for almost a year. For more then ten years the hospitality ...

Tortilla con queso

on 06-02-2013 00:15 | Pim Elbers

A great recipe for those of you that need to take it a little easier with the finances. It doesn’t get more Spanish then this, it was probably inventeded because its very hard to keep a wallet in a Spanish poncho.