Easy couscous salad

on 25-05-2015 08:00 | Lieke Van der Linden

This salad is healthy, it’s filled with protein, which helps build muscle. It tastes deliciously fresh after your workout, or as diner on a lovely Summer night! You should definitely try this one! 

Caribbean Coconut Cake

on 18-02-2015 09:00 | Judith Smith

The schools have started again and you’re back into your work drive. Weekly you see the photos you see of your holiday in order to get the holiday feeling back but now it already seems ages ago. But do not worry because with this Caribbean Coconut Cake you find yourself all the way back to a tropical destination!


on 20-03-2014 20:00 | Marvin Pranger

This delicious originally South African dish is something different than what you normally put in of your oven. The combination of ingredients make for a good filling dish where you can bulge on the couch afterwards! We have found out that if you put on some traditional South African music while cooking, it even gets ...

Mango yogurt dessert

on 19-09-2013 20:00 | Judith Smith

A delicious summer dessert for people who aren’t ready for the summer to end. This dessert is very simple but will taste like a party in your mouth. And the best part of it  is, it’s also very quick and cheap! Puree the canned mango slices. This can be done with a sifter or a ...

Coconut fruit salad

on 21-08-2013 20:00 | Judith Smith

Are you a little done with all the fresh melons and pineapples? To keep your taste buds from falling a sleep of boredom or just to give your daily fruit a twist, for a great dessert or a even better snack. Simple but perfect for warm weather.