Whats for Dinner: Carrotsoup with coconutmilk and ginger

on 18-11-2015 15:30 | Casper Tonnaer

An easy to prepare, healthy soup for everyone and a great start of the CuliNice Christmas menu. Rich in vitamins A, 4,5 times the daily recommended amount! Quite nice for building up some bonus points for the rest Christmas menu. 

Lentil soup

on 12-11-2014 09:00 | Anni Niyazian

Lentil soup, one of my all time favorite soups, during the cold winter days! It's warm, super filling and especially healthy! My mother makes the best lentil soup, this recipe was inspired by her soup, but this version is faster done. This way you can make a delicious real delicious lentil soup in less then 30 minutes!