Pumpkin quiche

on 08-10-2017 10:00 | Cedric Pelle

A quiche can be prepared in all kinds of ways and the taste completely depends on what ingredients you want to use. Today we present you a quiche that really fits with the time of the year! It may not be the fastest recipe to make when you're busy but this pumpkin quiche certainly isn't the hardest to make either, besides the taste makes it all worth it anyway.  

What is for dinner: Light patato salad

on 07-10-2016 14:30 | Culi Nice

Everybody’s doing it, so i guess we have to face the music. Everybody is trying lose weight, and what’s the most popular resolutions. Losing weight the healthy way. So to fit in your new dietary wishes, we have a great tasting light potato salad.


on 30-09-2016 08:00 | Caroline Koevoets

Tomorrow, it is October and that means OKTOBERFEST JIHAAAA! Beautiful German Schlagers, yodelling and drinking beer. Litres of beer! Sadly, you can not only drink beer the whole day, you have to eat something as well! So that is why we give you this nice beersoup recipe! Now you can be strict again on your beerdiet!

What is for dinner: Wienerschnitzel with paprika chips

on 30-03-2016 14:30 | Culi Nice

It is Wednesday already, you are halfway there and you are getting bored with the week. But what to eat? Your cabinets only contain a little bit of flour, an egg, some paprika chips and a schnitzel. That way, Wienerschitzel with paprika chips is born. 

What we snack with new years eve: Afpelstrudel

on 30-12-2015 09:00 | Pim Elbers

You have a party with a lot of people and you made an agreement that everyone brings something to eat. What now? Don't worry, with this recipe, everything is going to be alright. And if you need more apfelstrudels, you blow the recipe up to bigger proportion.


on 27-03-2013 10:00 | Pim Elbers

It seems that the weather isn’t getting any better, so we will keep on the winterish side of the cuisines. That’s wy we are presenting you the German Rusties, keeps you nice and warm. A great side dish that dominates all other potato side dishes, that’s why it’s so German offcourse. Peel the potatoes and ...

Valentines special: chocolate praline ice-creamcake

on 13-02-2013 23:04 | Pim Elbers

Especially for Valentinesday we are doing a extra recipe this week, for al those people that want to celebrate being togheter, or the people that need a little comfortfood. When your in love, cupids arrow is planted firmly in your rear end, when someone leaves you that arrow hits you right through the heart. But ...


on 04-02-2013 17:33 | Pim Elbers

Imagine just got back from a giant snowball fight with a 1000 people. This will probably be a last minute thing and you probably didn’t have time to prepare. Still want to take something fun to the afterparty ? apfelstrudel is the solution. for 10 apfelstrudels In case of Breda multiplie recipe with 100 Recipe Turn on the ...