Wraps with falafel and veggies

on 27-03-2018 05:30 | Merel Tielen

I wanted to make something with a lot of veggies but wasn't feeling like putting in too much effort in my dinner #storyofmylife. Lately I have also been slightly addicted to falafel (seriously though, this is awesome!) so I decided to combine these two cravings. But with what will I make this, I thought. Since I'm a student, wraps were the only logical answer to this problem. 

Bulgur with parsley and mint

on 28-03-2014 20:30 | Judith Smith

It’s the end of March, so it is time for a bit more summery recipe post. Hence, this delicious fresh bulgur salad. The flavor combination will give your mouth a taste sensation as if you are somewhere on the beach in the sunny south. The warm sun on your arms, a cool sea breeze and ...

Um Ali

on 20-11-2013 20:00 | Bob Blom

Big group of eaters who are still hungry for more after the main course? Not a problem at all with this delicious dessert. Besides the fact it is easy to manufacture, it is very nutritious! Add an optional scoop of ice and everyone at the table will be satisfied afterwords. So shut your hungry hippos ...