Vegetarian nasi

on 21-05-2018 05:30 | Merel Tielen

Nasi, who doesn't love this classic dish?! Everyone eats this classic in a different way. There are an infinite amount of numbers to make this famous dish, that's why I share a vegetarian variant with you guys, that's optional even vegan. What more do you want?

What is for dinner: Bakpao

on 21-10-2016 14:30 | Culi Nice

‘BROODJE BAKPOA, BROODJE WARM VLEES!’ The men of New Kids couldn’t resist it either and there is even a song written about. Were are talking about the Chinese bapoa, a steamed roll with a delicious filling. We at CuliNice also enjoy this delicious treat. That is why it has inspired us to make a nice ...

Wokked vegetables with lemony chicken

on 05-09-2013 15:01 | Pim Elbers

In these days of obligations and stress and more and more obligations,  you quickly grab to fast food and other junk food. But every once in a while  you crave something healthy to flush out all the junk in your system. That’s why we are treating you to this extra healthy dish that is rich.