Healthy kebabs

on 09-04-2018 05:00 | Merel Tielen

A nice kebab, who doesn't love it? I was craving this the other day, but lately I have been trying to eat less meat. A kebab is not a great idea when eating less meat, I figured. However, I didn't want to surrender, so I decided to make my own vegetarian version to this classic. I'm going to make some healthy kebabs!

Wraps with falafel and veggies

on 27-03-2018 05:30 | Merel Tielen

I wanted to make something with a lot of veggies but wasn't feeling like putting in too much effort in my dinner #storyofmylife. Lately I have also been slightly addicted to falafel (seriously though, this is awesome!) so I decided to combine these two cravings. But with what will I make this, I thought. Since I'm a student, wraps were the only logical answer to this problem. 

Couscous with avocado and goat cheese

on 20-03-2017 11:00 | Lisan Schiettekatte

It is monday again and here is your new Meat free Monday! Quick, easy and also tasty? This couscous with avocado and goat cheese!

Veggie couscous

on 19-12-2016 09:00 | Lisan Schiettekatte

It is monday again and that means a new meat free monday! This monday a healthy recipe in this unhealthy december month. 

What is for dinner: Mediterranean burgers

on 08-12-2016 15:30 | Culi Nice

Burgers are back! But instead of tasteless fastfood buns, you will make the most delicious burgers all by yourself. This mediterranean burgers have lots of flavour and still the perfect combination of meat, sauce and bread... like a real hamburger should be.

Lamb satay with a surprisingly fresh mint sauce.

on 19-09-2016 14:30 | Culi Nice

Delicious Lamb satay with a surprisingly fresh mint sauce. A true classic delicious on the BBQ  a classic you should have tasted!!

Tabouleh salad with sausages

on 09-09-2016 08:00 | Sanne Mastwijk

A refreshing salad with some protein with it, sausages! Also super easy to make in the evening and take it to work or school.

Salad with chickpeas

on 06-06-2016 08:00 | Lisan Schiettekatte

It's monday again; which means meat free monday again! Today it is not only meat free monday but also the start of the Ramadan. This salad is based on it; it has to be quick and veggy. 

Turkish bread pizza

on 25-05-2016 08:00 | Birgit Sloven

There are a lot of different ways to make pizza, you may have seen this on CuliNice this month. You can make it really difficult for yourself, but also really easy. Today we try the easy way! We use a different kind of crust, Turkish bread!

Couscous with vegetables

on 15-02-2016 09:30 | Lisan Schiettekatte

It is Monday again, so it is time for another Meat Free Monday! This week: a vegetarian couscous with vegetables. Because of the rich taste of the feta cheese and eggplant, you won't even notice that the meat is missing in this dish.