van Velzen

Linn van Velzen

Linn van Velzen

I only need three things in life; money, food and compliments.

Something I enjoy a lot, sometimes too much, is food! Just like most people I could really aprreciate a portion of French fries with mayonnaise or a good pasta. But for me, my love for food goes much further. I love dishes that you would never come up with or combine flavours that are unthinkable. Mostly I look further than plain restaurants and search for hotspots and unique places. My dad used to be a chef in the kitchen, he taught me what cooking really is and that is how my love for food started to grow. He took me on a young age to restaurants where all my friends didn't came, like Le Jules Verne in The Eiffeltower and Le Bernardin in New York. Not only my father gives me a lot of inspiration, but also my grandmother from Sweden. In the morning she wakes up at 4 o'clock to bake bread and almost every day she makes fresh meatballs. When I think about her cooking skills, water runs out of my mouth.

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