Anouk Koreman

Anouk Koreman

"A day without eating is a wasted day."

Of course in the most literal as well as filosofical sense. I hate bananas, tomatoes (yes I do) and meat which you have to eat from a bone, my favourite food is an old Dutch dish "pee-mee-juin-stamp"  Freely translated as carrot/union stew with smoked sausage, flavoured with some small bacon pieces. All went well until the moment I decided to 'cut the carbs'. I couldn't eat my favourite food anymore, so I had to find something different which is just as delicious. Until now, I still haven't found what I'm looking for (ha), as I'm still a huge admirer of potatoes. I was born in Breda, but I have been living in the scenic village of Lage Zwaluwe. I'm currently studying International Lifestyle Studies in Tilburg. Now I'm in my third year, I do an internship at CuliNice. 

Like everybody else these days, I like to bake, experiment with food but mostly to eat more healthy/responsibly. You are what you eat, so I tend to mind my eating as much as possible. In my low carb lifestyle I had to eat a lot of eggs. Because of that, I even learned to tolerate some bananas when mixed together with eggs as pancakes! And tomatoes in an omelete are also quite tolerable. As for the bony meat, I'm still no caveman, so that ain't gonna happen, even with some eggs. 

Recipes by Anouk