Vivienne Pieters

Hard work should be rewarded by good food

My name is Vivienne Pieters, I am 17 years old and I grew up in the lovely city of Breda. I am currently studying Marketing Communication and Events at the Rooi Pannen in Tilburg.

I have loved food from an early age. Me and my sister used to play as if we were in a cooking program called ‘Children’s Cook’. In this cooking program we made small pies, savoury dishes and all kinds of smoothies.

My mom makes the most delicious dishes for us at home. Somtimes I help her with the preperations of these dishes. I also work in my stepfather’s restaurant, here I prepare several starters and salads. I certainly do this with pleasure.

During the holiday I’ve really noticed that my family and I have a lot of passion for food. From creative cooking to delicious dining out in cozy restaurants. That’s what I like the most.

Recipes by Vivienne