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Tom den Ronden

Tom den Ronden

Your stomach always decides how you feel

My name is Tom den Ronden, I am 24 years old and I am currently going through my graduation at Fontys ACI in Tilburg. Here I study Communication IEMES (International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies). During my internship at Culinice, I will be creating content through writing for the blog. Besides this I will be keeping busy with my thesis. This is an amazing chance for me to work in a fun and creative organisation in Breda. Also it seems very interesting to me to look at Culinice as a concept and an organisation. How we can guarantee continuity, what opportunities are and how we can make this blog even better, those are the things that spark my interest.

I see myself as a well structured, but chaotic person. I can easily think of 1000 things in a day, but all aligned in to-do lists and imaginary or physical planning's. Together with this part of my personality, I have a fascination for nonsense. The most absurd stories always form a base for creative input about problems or questions. A story, a statement, a comparison, or a connection, they are all never 'really' nonsensical, it does not even matter how weird your statement is. It only adds towards the complete picture, the outcome, your idea and your perspective. Just like that is for recipes. Every form of herbs, every ingredient, the layout of the plate, everything adds to the total concept of a recipe. Something that consists of beauty and creativity, something that is thought through and satisfies needs, that is what it is all about.

When I was little, I did not eat anything that I did not know. Everything was already "gross". I can only imagine it was a true hell for my parents to have such a picky child when it comes to diner. Looking back on it, I truly appreciate how they stimulated my taste buds, because now that I am older, I eat (nearly) everything and therefore I can enjoy a big variety of recipes.

Taste is a sensation, a stimulation of senses. Cooking is a way of expressing creativity. Food therefore consists of multiple factors that make it so special. It is an expression, and an activity. It is a need, and it can be luxury. Food is important for everything.

Your stomach is just as important. If it is filled with food, you feel good. If it is filled with butterflies, it is even better. Food and love are not that far apart from each other. It is my task to make people see that.

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