Tanja Polak

Tanja Polak

The answer to the question is always chocolate!

The answer to the question is chocolate? Yes the answer to the question is ALWAYS chocolate. Whether I'm happy, sad, excited or tired.. I will always eat chocolate! My guilty pleasure is Tony Chocolonely and I'm guessing that I'm not the only one. Who is this Tony Chocolonely lover? I'm Tanja Polak and I'm 26 years old. At the moment I'm busy with my graduation year for the study CO IEMES. Huh, CO IEMES?! Yes I know, this stands for, get ready... Communication International Event Music & Entertainment Studies. Uhu.. a mouth full! It is a communication study with an extra touch, namely focusing on the entertainment industry. It is a creative study, super awesome! Besides the fact that I have a very weak for chocolate, I also adore baking cakes! Delicious to experiment and try to do bake a cake with the things you already have at home. Yes you guessed it, that is with me often cake with a touch of chocolate. Therefore I think it is super great to share my delicious experiments! I hope that the cooking & baking jitters caused by reading the articles! Success with experimenting & enjoy all your delicious creations :)

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