Sem Bogers

Sem Bogers

good food makes you happy

My name is Sem Bogers. I'm a 19 years old boy and I live in Raamsdonk. I follow the education Media editor employee at King Willem 1 college. This School stays in 's-Hertogenbosch. I learn to write texts and to deal with a camera.

I can easily make the connection with food because, I like it to going eat somewhere with friends or family. I also sometimes help my mother with making different dishes. I did not really grow up with the hospitality industry, but I also really enjoy immersing myself in it.

Running is my biggest hobbie. I train every monday in Raamsdonksveer. My runteam called Runningteam Hank. Before a training I don't eat a pizza. I try to pay attention to what is good for me. I prefer to eat minimal one hour before the training starts. This two things gif me the connection between running and food.

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