Sara Visscher

Sara Visscher

Pure happiness

Cooking dinner, discovering food and eating; there are a few things that can make me very happy and the world of eating and drinking is one of them. How busy I’m sometimes, my passion for food is always there. I worked a few years in restaurants (a really cute French place and a chique restaurant in Tilburg) and I cooked (parttime) for three years with my own, small catering company, so I think I can call myself an ‘eatfan’. I don’t like the word foodie ‘cause its like a trend and I know that I will be a ‘foodie’ all my life. I like it when people make dinner for me (by a friend or in a restaurant) but I’m also a very enthusiastic home cook. Reading those beautiful cookbooks, discover new recipes and sometimes laying in bed before sleep, searching for that one nice recipes online. Cutting a beetroot, the smell of fresh rhubarb or the smell when you start cooking and you put onion and garlic in the hot, buttery pan; it makes me very happy. Because I wanna make you just as happy as I am with food, I cook and write, together with my co ‘eatfans’ for Culinice. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Recipes by Sara