5 tips how you can save money when visiting a restaurant

on 02-04-2020 08:00 | Write Club

We all obviously want to visit a restaurant every now and then. However, this can sometimes be a little bit too expensive. At first, the idea of going out for dinner seems like a great idea. Until the bill arrives and you actually wanted to go out for a drink tonight. In order not to cancel the dinner party, I have made five tips on how you can save money when visiting a restaurant and still go away with a full stomach.

Ultieme comfortfood: shakshuka met gehakt en paprika

on 27-03-2020 11:00 | Write Club

De winter komt eraan en het wordt koud, koud, koud! Daarom heb ik voor jullie mijn favoriete comfortfood. Shakshuka met gehakt en paprika. Ik had hier zelf nog nooit van gehoord, tot ik het voorgeschoteld kreeg in een knusse diner op de Santa Monica Boulevard. Nu kan ik niet meer zonder. Deze perfecte combinatie van een lekkere warme tomatensaus met eieren en wat groenten is heerlijk op een koude, regenachtige avond. Je kunt het ook vegetarisch maken door het gehakt weg te laten!

Gin-Tonic for Dummy’s

on 12-03-2020 08:00 | Write Club

Unfortunately our lovely summer nights are coming to an end. Sitting outside in the warm sun and enjoying our long, beautiful summer night are ending way to soon again. For whom has really enjoyed their summer has probably noticed a thing or two while enjoying a drink at the bar. The Gin and Tonic cocktail has made its way back and is hot and trending again. I love it.

Abuelita Leonoro’s Authentic Mexican Flan

on 22-02-2020 09:30 | Write Club

If you are sick of eating the same old store-bought chocolate mousse after every dinner party, this easy but delicious recipe is perfect for you!

Where to eat in Nijmegen?

on 19-02-2020 08:30 | Write Club

The autumn has started and the first weeks of college are over. It is understandable that after a long day in the books you don't feel like cooking and washing up in a dirty kitchen anymore. But eating outside with your student salary is not everything.... Luckily there is good news! We have listed several restaurants for students in Nijmegen where you can have a nice and cheap dinner.

Eating out for the first time with your date

on 13-02-2020 08:00 | Write Club

One person sees it as an automatic job and the other one is already stressed when hearing the word. Dating. It’s still a big deal. So what is the best option for a date? Some people swear by having a casual drink in a bar. Others prefer to go for Netflix & Chill, not sure if you can call that a date though. Going to the cinema for the non-talkers or having diner of course. I mean, who doesn’t like good food while enjoying, hopefully, good company?!

Subway sandwich: The Netherlands vs. The United States

on 07-02-2020 10:00 | Write Club

Subway, this famous sandwich shop is located near almost every (high) school. The average student knows what kind of company it is. A tasty sandwich between lectures. Sounds delicious, right? In this article you can read the differences about Subway chains in the Netherlands compared to the chains in America.

5 redenen waarom iedere student een airfryer zou moeten hebben

on 04-02-2020 08:00 | Write Club

Iets minder dan 10 jaar geleden kwam er een nieuw keukenapparaat op de markt: de airfryer. Het zou kunnen dat je (groot)ouders een exemplaar in de kast hebben staan, maar bij de meeste studentenhuizen komt dit eigenlijk maar zelden voor. Toch gek, aangezien studenten juist dol zijn op gefrituurde snacks die weinig voorbereidingstijd vergen. Zelf was ik eerst ook behoorlijk sceptisch over de airfryer, maar inmiddels ben ik al bijna een jaar de trotse eigenaar van dit apparaat en ik zou niet meer zonder willen. Bekijk hieronder de 5 redenen waarom ook jij een airfryer zou moeten aanschaffen!

Op vakantie naar Bali? Welkom in de foodheaven!

on 31-01-2020 09:00 | Write Club

This year a far vacation to Bali ? Or afraid that you will only get stuck in the rice? No worries! Apart from that Bali is a beautiful island you literally end up in a paradise when it comes to food!