Burger month: Doughnut burger

18 hours ago | Sanne Mastwijk

This month at CuliNice: burger month! Every Wednesday a burger recipe. And not just a simple burger with a slice of cheese, tomato and some lettuce, the most exciting burgers that you do not see every day. This week een sweet burger, een doughnut burger!

Culinice kitchen hacks

23 hours ago | Sanne Mastwijk

Every Wednesday the most helpful tips for the kitchen. Nice tricks for storage, cleaning or cooking. Tips to make everything a little bit easier in the kitchen.

The new flavor of Tony Chocolonely!!!

2 days ago | Sophie Waelput

Chocolate lovers attention please. Do you know the new flavor of Tony Chocolonelyalready? If not, please make acquainted with the Tony Chocolony melon and Raspberry.

Summer pizza

2 days ago | Junice Mauriks

Do you love pizza? I do and ate a lot of different ones in my life but this one stayed with me: a summer pizza. A fresh variant that's delicious for the hot summer months. 

The Seafood Bar Amsterdam

2 days ago | Tessa Nijs

When we find out about a new hotspot you guys are of course the first to know! Today we're going to talk about The Sea Food Bar Amsterdam. I guess in Amsterdam people are loving fish, because this restaurant has three locations. In this article we're sharing our experience with you!

Black bean tofu

3 days ago | Lisan Schiettekatte

It is Monday again and here is your new Meat free Monday with black bean tofu! Tofu is perfect for a veggie meal and if you have never had tofu before you definitely should try this black bean tofu. 

Day of Biodiversity

3 days ago | Sophie Waelput

Biodiversity is just a difficult word to describe the process of nature in one word. Today is the day that biodiversity is central, but why? And what does it exactly mean?

4 tips for baking cupcakes

4 days ago | Sophie Waelput

If you bake at home you must have had struggles with anything and everything. Dosage, convenient kneading, multitasking, you name it. Therefore it is sometimes very handy to have a helping hand.

Why does food taste different on an airplane?

5 days ago | Valerie Vierbergen

Summer break is almost upon us. Vacations to white beaches and citytrips have all been booked, suitcases are already packed and the excitement is real! However, there is always this one problem, because your duty free Toblerone tastes so bland when you’re on the plane. Why is that?

Chicken sausage with summer sprouts

6 days ago | Valerie Vierbergen

Oven dishes are quick and easy to make. Today we're going to show you a summer dish, chicken sausage with summer sprouts!