All hail the king! Right?

22 hours ago | Tom den Ronden

All hail the King! Right? Today is the third Tuesday of September and that means it is Prince-day. Do you have any idea what that means? Apart from the ‘gameshow-esque’ principal of opening a special suitcase, I did not know much more. I explored information about this day, and I’ll share what I found!

The extreme freakshakes

3 days ago | Luna Voesenek

It is a new trend of our time, the freak shakes. You see it everywhere, from classmates, famous people on social media, you name it. I think you can't make a person who loves sweet things happier with this delicious milkshake.


5 days ago | Laura Andrieu

The sun is shining so the only thing missing is a delicious cocktail. A popular and iconic drink, the 'cosmo', fruity cocktail. Become known by Sex and the City. Here below you'll find a quick and super simple recipe for this delicious cocktail.

Massimo Bottura: Oops! I dropped the lemon tart

5 days ago | Vivienne Pieters

Massimo Bottura, well known as the best chef world wide. With his restaurant Osteria Fransescana in Modena, he has earned no less than 3 Michelin-stars. Haven’t you heard of him and his recipe ‘Oops! I dropped the lemon tart’ yet? Then it’s definitely the time to get to know him!

Top 5 tastiest Italian recipes

1 week ago | Luna Voesenek

The summer break is unfortunately over, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to miss the food from your favorite country, Italy. You can also easily make it by yourself. That is why I have made a list for you of the tastiest dishes from Italy.

Ode to the Melba toast

1 week ago | Amane van Elsacker

Ah, the Melba toast, if you ask us, one of the best things on earth. So it isn't that weird that there is a day for the Melba toast. You can combine the Melba toast with alot on things, you will not run out of options that quickly from anchovies to herb cheese. Here is our Ode to Melba toast

Eating habits in Japan

1 week ago | Amane van Elsacker

After visiting Japan a couple of times and the fact that I am half Japanse and half Dutch have I noticed some differences in eating habits. Japan is en will always be a different culture than here in the Netherlands. I wrote down a few eating habits and of course, these eating habits do not only apply for Japan, but loads of Asain eating habits also look alike.

Easy Nutella brownies

1 week ago | Vivienne Pieters

The student life, all on low costs and not wanting to do too much work. Especially not for dessert. Yet every now and then it is just really tasty such a home made treat. Without too much work you will have these super simple and delicious Nutella brownies on the table. You only need 2 ingredients…

Easy burritos

2 weeks ago | Birgit Sloven

Congrats, you’ve made it! The first week(s) after the summer holidays are over. After a long period of relaxing, it takes some time to get used to a normal lifestyle again. So it’s okay to reward yourself with some easy comfortfood. Just throw these burrito’s into the oven, then throw yourself onto the couch and enjoy!

Back to school/work

2 weeks ago | Luna Voesenek

Unfortunately .. The summer vacation and the nice intro week are over. No matter how annoying it may be, you have to do it again, go to work or school! Read below various tips how to start the year in such a relaxed way.