Perfectly poached egg

14 hours ago | Laura Andrieu

We, CuliNice are here to help you in the kitchen! And today we're going to explain the easiest way to poach an egg at home. Tasty, beautiful and soft eggs every time.

5x picknick tips

3 days ago | Laura Andrieu

The sun is shining again, it's a beautiful day and you’re free from work. What are you going to do today? Going to a cosy terrace, nice and easy or have a fun and perhaps romantic picknick! Below you will find 5 nice picnic tips.

The recipe for a perfect Swedish coffee bun

4 days ago | Linn van Velzen

Also craving Fika now? Follow our recipe for the perfect Swedish coffee bun! But be careful, they could be addicting.

Fika, the Scandic tradition

4 days ago | Linn van Velzen

Fika is the Scandic tradition to get through the day calmly. You take the time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry. It is a tradition that has been continued in the Scandinavian countries and we could take an example from this.

Fish soup

6 days ago | Linn van Velzen

For all the seafood lovers! A recipe for a homemade fish soup that my Swedish grandmother always makes. Prepare this soup for yourself or for your friends/family. Not only healthy but also super tasty.

Darjeeling Express

1 week ago | Linn van Velzen

I went to London for a weekend in April. A short holiday where I visited a lot of restaurants. One of them was the Darjeeling Express. This restaurant is so special that I to share this with you.

Shrimp cocktail with whiskey-cocktail sauce

1 week ago | Tom den Ronden

Today is world whiskey day, a specific day to honour this mighty drink. We will do this by making a simple, but delicious dish. We will make a shrimp cocktail, with the famous whiskey cocktail sauce.

3x salad dressings

2 weeks ago | Michelle Nijman

Make your healthy salad even more delicious with a home made dressing. These super easy dressings are fresh and full of flavour. You will choose the ingredients of your salad so why not choose the ingredients of your dressing?

The importance of eating together

2 weeks ago | Tom den Ronden

Today is international family day, a nice moment to share the importance of being together. Nowadays, much more what we do, is individualistic. Flex working is more popular than ever and people shoot through their day quicker and quicker. Sitting and eating together is a nice moment to catch a break. Together. As a family, as roommates, or even when you are alone, it is still nicer to sit down at the table, and it eat comfort.

Hummus day

2 weeks ago | Linn van Velzen

Tomorrow is the day, the day of the hummus. For everybody that doesn’t know what hummus is, you are definitely missing out. We are going to tell you everything about hummus and what you could do with it.