Warm freak shake (chocolate special)

10 hours ago | Iris Greve

Freak shakes are delicious, but during this time of the year we prefer something warmer. That's why today, we present to you: the warm freak shake. Best of both worlds! 

An ode to the coffee cookie

2 days ago | Write Club

I work at a café where we serve coffee with butterscotch cookies. Those are the same cookies my grandma used to have. The butterscotch cookies were there when I had my first coffee, when I had my first coffee to suppress my hangover or when I had some tea because I drank to many coffees. The cookies helped me recall a lot of memories of the old days.

Gingerbreadman cookies

3 days ago | Sanne Mastwijk

Surely one of the best Christmas cookies that you can think of, gingerbreadman cookies! And the great thing is that, besides that they are really tasty, they also look super cute! Nice for during the tea in the Christmas season!

Help, it is snowing! What are we going to eat?

3 days ago | Anouk Koreman

Yes people, today is the day that we, Dutch people, are stressed out as hell because of the snow. But hey, take a look on the bright side, go home early and take some extra time to cook a delicious meal. Also, you do not have to go to the store for these recipes!

Casserole with zucchini, egg and cheese

3 days ago | Lisan Schiettekatte

It's Monday again and here is the new Meat Free Monday! With all that snow outside, people have a need for a wintry dish, a nice recipe that is not to hard to make so you can enjoy being warm in your house and having your dinner. This casserole is perfect for that. 

Winter chicken salad

1 week ago | Birgit Sloven

Do you think salads are a typical summer dish? Think again! We have a great winter salad recipe for those cold winter days. Try this heartwarming combination of crispy chicken, pancetta and homemade croutons!

5 tips to help you eat healthy on the holidays

1 week ago | Cedric Pelle

After you're fully stuffed of all the Sinterklaas candy, Christmas and New Year are already on their way. Not everyone finds this interesting but a lot of people still would like to live a bit healthy during the holidays. To help you with this we'll give you five tips to eat healthy during the holidays.  

culinary surprises sinterklaas

2 weeks ago | Cedric Pelle

A lot of people will have to think of and also make a surprise present the evening before 5 December, this isn't always easy to do when you want to be original. Because we like to help you guys with your personal problems, today we have a few culinary surprises for you guys and they're definitely original enough to use. 

Spice nuts

2 weeks ago | Lisan Schiettekatte

Today we celebrate 'Sinterklaas' in the Netherlands. Spice nuts are a must while unpacking all those gifts. 

Red Velvet pepernoten ​

2 weeks ago | Cedric Pelle

With Sinterklaas in our country we'll be expecting an overload of pepernoten recipes and to the number of creative recipes will be added this time of the year as well. CuliNice will do the same today, today we'll share with you the Red Velvet pepernoten recipe.