Chocolate peanut butter cups

3 days ago | Michelle Nijman

Everybody knows them, Reese’s peanut butter cups. But unfortunately, they’re expensive and not always available in the Netherlands. That’s why we tried to recreate them and it’s way easier than you think. Try to recreate this guilty pleasure yourself.

Rosé sangria

5 days ago | Laura Andrieu

You don't have to go to the terrace for a nice drink, you can also prepare that delicious drink yourself. Fruity and slightly sweet, sangria! Here you can read how you can easily and quickly put a jug of tasty sangria on the table.

Dr. Worst’s NondeDju sauce – Hotdog day

1 week ago | Tom den Ronden

After a previous article about Breda’s own Doctor Worst, we want to elaborate on that a little bit today. Today is international Hotdog day! There is no other way than to just recap on our very own doctor. Did you know he made an award winning hot sauce in our very own CuliNice kitchen? You can read it here in this article!

What is the essence of a lazy Sunday?

1 week ago | Tom den Ronden

The Sunday. It is a day just like all the others, but then again, completely different. It is a day on which your brain does not always have to be functioning. A day on which resting and unwinding sets the tone. A Sunday is a day. A lazy Sunday is a gift. Here you can read my ode to this beautiful concept.

4 times crazy ice cream flavours

2 weeks ago | Linn van Velzen

During these hot days is our favourite snack a cold ice cream. The ice cream parlors are getting more and more creative and the choices are getting harder. But will that also be the case for these flavours? We will show you 4 crazy ice cream flavours that you probably have never heard of.

Grilled zucchini with mint

2 weeks ago | Michelle Nijman

Zucchini is a vegetable which you can prepare in many ways. You can, for example, grill it, cook it, steam it or bake it. In this recipe, you will bake the zucchini with garlic and mint. It's a simple vegetable dish which you can serve next to your meal.

Carrot cake; the basics

2 weeks ago | Michelle Nijman

This is a very easy recipe to make your own carrot cake. The title already shows, it’s a very basic recipe, and you can add a lot of extra ingredients if you’d like.

Traditional Greek salad

3 weeks ago | Laura Andrieu

Is it too hot for a hot meal? Go for this fresh and easy traditional Greek salad, which you have ready in a jiffy.

Smoothie bowl with forest fruits

3 weeks ago | Michelle Nijman

Smoothie bowls are perfect for hot summer days. Breakfast with lots of vitamines which won't drop hard on your stomach. You can prepare it in different ways and make something new every morning. Discover this recipe with forest fruits!

Plant-based milk, healthy or not?

on 28-06-2019 08:00 | Linn van Velzen

A lot of people don’t drink milk in their coffees anymore, but plant-based milk. There are different kinds of plant-based milk, but are they healthier than normal milk? Our writers from CuliNice did their research. Curious? Read our article about plant-based milk!