Sweet potato rösti

18 hours ago | Anniek Gulpen

For a long time I knew rösti as the preformed rounds out of the freezer. Nothing special to me. This changed when I ate rösti in a restaurant. From that moment I experimented with some recipes myself. This recipe is my favorite; a large rösti made of sweet potato.

Sweet and sour eggplant with rice

2 days ago | Lisan Schiettekatte

It is Monday again and here is your new Meat Free Monday! This recipe is nutritious, healthy and has a little touch of summer in it.

Hallo, Hello Fresh

4 days ago | Sophie Waelput

Everyone know the drill, those annoying people who bother you in the city to ask if you know hello fresh yet. Normally we say Yes and we walk away. But in order to give some more insight I have tested hello fresh for a few weeks.

Cocktail month: Old Fashioned Irish Style

6 days ago | Dries Rolefes

This month on CuliNice: cocktail month! Every Thursday a delicious cocktail. Here you find the well-known
classics and their not so well known cousins. The Irish are often seen as though drinkers. It seems like a common given. Today a classical one in Irish style: the Old Fashioned Irish Style!

Being smart with festival coins

1 week ago | Iris Greve

Slowly but surely the end of the 2017 festival season is closing in on us. But before it’s time to cry that it’s over we can enjoy another few weeks of festivals. Do you spend too much money on drinks and food during these festivals? Make sure you read our tips.

Mushroom risotto

1 week ago | Lisan Schiettekatte

It is Monday again and here is your new Meat Free Monday! A tasty Italian recipe with mushrooms as primary ingredient. Not to hard, still delicious and not that much work. Sounds perfect, right?

Yellow rice with chorizo

2 weeks ago | Anniek Gulpen

The end of summer is almost there. We end this sunny period with a mediterranean dish, inspired by a fish-free paella. The result is a simple, but tasteful yellow rice dish with vegetables and chorizo. 

Can we make it ourselves? Yes we can!

2 weeks ago | Anouk Koreman

Sometimes you have some products of which you think: can I make those myself? Often, the answer is YES! In this article for example, you can find how to make Nutella liqueur, yumm! You have something to do, AND you probably save some money. Double score.