Baked garlic mushrooms

14 hours ago | Anouk Koreman

A delicious meat free Monday dish which you can use in many different ways. You can make it really quick, and it's so easy that nobody can ruin it.

National sugar challenge

2 days ago | Michelle Nijman

Tomorrow, the 19th of November begins the national sugar challenge in the Netherlands. It's an initiative from the diabetes foundation. They challenge you to live sugar-free for 7 days. They want you to be aware of all the sugars you eat and drink on a daily basis. This challenge leaves you thinking about health and your eating habit. Give it a chance and look for the results. 

Savory snacks for Sinterklaas

4 days ago | Michelle Nijman

Tomorrow Sinterklaas comes to the Netherlands and it's a traditon to eat a lot of sweet treats. For a change we want to share 2 recipes for savory snacks. 

16 weird food facts

5 days ago | Michelle Nijman

After a long search on the internet, we've created a list of the weirdest food facts!

World diabetes day | A sugar-free cheesecake with strawberries.

6 days ago | Tim Zanoni

The aim of ' World diabetes day ' is to have attention for diabetes. And we want to devote some more attention to this. We have a recipe where normally (much) sugar is in, but especially for this day, we have omitted the sugar!

World Kindness day

1 week ago | Yonas Schaerlackens

Today, November 13 is the World Kindness day again. The day that you do something extra for each other. You buy a flower for that neighbor who often helps you. You get some merci chocolate for that good friend of yours. You take your mother out for dinner. It does not matter what you do as long as you do something extra for your fellow man. Making them happy. Because the World Kindness Day is mainly about happiness. That's why we have 2 dishes that we want to refer to. Which we think that give joy during the meal!

Appel pannenkoeken

1 week ago | Michelle Nijman

Today is Meat Free Monday again and that's why we have this apple pancake recipe. 

Comfort Food

1 week ago | Yonas Schaerlackens

Today it is again the eleventh of the eleventh (11-11-2018). And every eleventh of the eleventh is the worldwide singles day. For all singles in the world, the eleventh of the eleventh is their day. Some people love to be single. No need to worry about someone else, flirting, going out, etc. But of course there are also many people who prefer to have a partner on their side. For these people, perhaps this time of year is a bit heavier. Since the winter is coming, and that is the hug / Netflix season with bae. That's why shops like to give comfort around this date (11-11) have many discount promotions. So that people can buy something nice for themselves. That is why we have also made a list of comfort food. For all singles who feel alone and want to comfort themselves with food.

special wrap

2 weeks ago | Tim Zanoni

Do you like a fried egg? Today we share a recipe for an egg wrap with goat cheese and apple. A delicious and easy breakfast or lunch that you can vary with. 

Brilliant gifts on

2 weeks ago | Michelle Nijman

The holidays are around the corner and sometimes it's hard to find fancy and original gifts. Luckily we have, but please be aware that you can only buy these products when you live in the Netherlands or Belgium. We made a list of brilliant gifts that you can give to everyone but especially for the people who already have almost everything. You will blow everyone away with these gifts. The link to the products is under this article.